Frequently Asked Questions about the Greenough Association Fund

What churches are eligible to receive grants from the Greenough Association?

To be eligible for grants from the Greenough Association, churches must be affiliated with American Baptist Churches of Maine (https://abcom.org), and listed in the ABCOM Handbook.
To see if your church is listed, you can use this search tool , or contact ABCOM at (207) 622-6291

What types of expenses are eligible for a grant from the Greenough Association?

Grants from the Greenough Church Edifice Association are to be used solely for capital outlay.

  • This means that grants may be used for purchase of land and/or buildings, building construction costs, major renovation costs and major equipment costs.

  • If a project is to be completed in phases, it is necessary to submit a new request annually.

  • The funds cannot be used for regular maintenance costs or for the regular operating budget.

  • Qualifying renovation grants include, but are not limited to, such items as

    • furnace replacement,

    • re-roofing a building,

    • re-siding a building,

    • new parking lot,

    • major foundation work,

    • steeple renovation or replacement, etc.

  • General operation expenses (heat, utilities, salaries, etc.) are NOT eligible for grant reimbursement

What is the deadline to submit a Grant Proposal?

Eligible churches must have annual grant applications submitted by January 15th, for consideration by the Greenough Trustees at the Annual Meeting of the Association in May.

How much of my church's project can be funded by a Greenough grant?

Trustees use a Cost Sharing approach in determining the amount of an individual grant.

Churches are expected to raise the major portion of the project cost.

A Greenough award is designed to supplement project funding, and provide incentive to reach the goal and complete the project.

Do I need to use the Application Form to submit a Grant Application?


You are not required to use the Application Form. You may send a traditional letter that includes:

  • A detailed description of the project(s)

  • An estimate for all costs of the project(s)

  • The amount of money collected or pledged to date, and

  • The name, address, telephone number, and email address of a contact person for future correspondence

However, use of the Application Form is the safest way to assure that all the necessary information is present to consider your church's request. It also gives you a copy of the completed application for your records.

What is the mailing address to submit a Grant Proposal?

Submit the completed Application Form and associated materials by U.S. Post or alternate carrier (UPS, FedEx) to:

  • Mr. Mark Johnson, Secretary
    Greenough Church Edifice Association
    50 Wall Street
    Portland, Maine 04103

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For additional information please contact:

Mark Johnson, Secretary: mjohnson@greenough.org

For additional information on American Baptist Churches in Maine, go to www.abcom.org