About Greenough

History of the Greenough Fund

In 1871 Byron Greenough, a member of Immanuel Baptist Church of Portland, Maine bequeathed $10,000 to be placed in a trust fund. The will stipulated that when the proceeds from the fund reached $100,000 the surplus could then be used to assist American Baptist Churches of Maine to buy, build or improve meeting houses.
The first meeting of the Trustees was held September 14, 1872 and The Greenough Church Edifice Association was incorporated on February 19, 1873.

An appropriate plaque honoring Byron Greenough has been placed in the Greenough Chapel of Immanuel Baptist Church (now Williston-Immanuel Church) in Portland.

Douglas Cruger of Immanuel Baptist Church, Portland, authored a biography of the life of Mr. Greenough.


The Greenough Church Edifice Association is administered by a Board of Trustees. The trustees meet each May for their Annual Meeting to elect officers, transact other regular business and to consider requests for grants.

Over the past thirty years more than $1,100,000 has been distributed to almost 100 different American Baptist Churches throughout the State of Maine. In 2020 the Trustees awarded $82,000 to 20 Maine American Baptist churches, in grants ranging from $800 to $7000.
The Trustees also manage the Fund's assets and investments so that they may provide continuing assistance to American Baptist Churches in Maine.